Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I Came across some photo's from the time my son Craig Lawrence played football and it gave me the idea to set up a blog and photo album in the hope of attracting all those involved with this in the 198o's.
Myself i was involved with Grange U11's from Aug 1981 to May 1982
A chap called Berny can't remember his sir name sorry, ran the club
at this time.
The team did very well and came runners up to the team that was
winning everything at that time, in the cup final and league,
Greenfields YFC
Jamie Redknapp played for them when he was still an under ten.


  1. Please add your comments about this period

  2. G'day Hank, Was not the greatest sportsman in the good old days but I did do some reffing at Chepstow for some fun games, running around with umbrella and blowing whistle at anything that pleased my mind, great fun.
    Had some fun at Terrendack when the Duke of Yorks rugger team played the KIWIS. Been up the sports & social club for a few ales before the game and we had a sign made up "SOCK IT TO EM DUKES GIVE EM THE BOOT" which we paraded around the field!! Unfortunately the BIG BOSS was spectating and he happened to be a frigging KIWI and insisted we should cease running around the ground with the sign. But due to the amber fluid coursing through my veins I kept going and was arrested for would you believe MUTINY. That was the exact moment I decided to leave the "ARMY"

  3. Hey Hank!! Do you have the video of Boscombe Albion against Branksome in the Bournemouth cup final under 15s?? We lost 4-2 and yours truely scored twice although Craig still matains to this day that I hand balled it!!....It was a bullet header from half a yard out...Ashley Hall.....good times in them days!!